Spooky Wine Glasses.

This project is an oldie but a goodie! I wanted to do something a little fun and different with the wine glasses we have… I decided to paint the stems and bases with black chalkboard spray paint. This makes them not only look cool and spooky but allows you to write your guests name on the glass! No one will misplace their drink at this party! Plus they look cool all year around, no need to only use them for Halloween!



Here’s what you will need:

Wine glasses. I used ours from Crate & Barrel $5 a piece.

Chalkboard Spray Paint $5 -Home Depot.

Latex or plastic gloves.

Painters masking tape.


Start out by taking a small piece of painters masking tape and taping around the top of the stem. You want to make sure it is even and flat so you get a nice line once your paint dries and you remove the tape. Continue adding more tape working your way up the glass about an inch or two. This makes sure that when you spray you are only spraying the stem and base.

Put on plastic or newspaper and spray the stem and base at close range (4-5 inches away) Cover it where it is even but don’t overspray or it will start dripping. Let dry for 10 minutes and repeat.


Let dry for an hour then remove the tape.

You’re almost done! Now you can write your guests name on them with your chalk and you’re all set and when you want to remove the name just use a dish towel with a little bit of water and it will come right off. Enjoy!


  1. that is a cool idea … should do that for thankgiving to ,, if you have a lot of people over

  2. Patricia Cornish says:

    Neat idea Courtney..!!

  3. for someone that likes to buy cheap u got ripped off on the wine glasses you could have bought a 4 pack for cheaper then $5.00 each

  4. I love this idea!!! I am going to use this for my wedding, parties, christmas dinner…. pretty much everything!!! Thank you xxx

  5. Another cool thing with wine glasses and christmas..turn them upside down, put a snowman, or what have you under the glass, and on top (the bottom of the glass) no melt candles that smell oh so good

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