My New Charity! Don’t Read: Don’t Listen.

DontReadLOGO2014 has been an amazing year! I’ve been beyond blessed with to have my husband Nikki as my amazing partner, wonderful my step children, a loving family, wonderful friends, my business and my health. I’m beyond grateful but it’s time to give back. I’m thrilled to have put in motion one of my long time dreams of starting a my own charity to fight cyber bullying!

I’ve personally had lots of experience with bullying whether it be name calling in middle school or negative comments on social media, no matter how thick your skin is bullying always hurts.

As a new step mom I’ve been fortunate to be made acutely aware of the importance that social media has on our teenagers self esteem. Whether in middle school, high school or even as an adult, nowadays our social scenes heavily rely on social media. With my new non-profit, Don’t Read: Don’t Listen, my goal is to help raise much needed awareness to the growing epidemic of cyber bullying in our society especially in our youth.

Our website will be up and running shortly and you can follow us on Twitter @dontreadlisten Please stop by and share with us your thoughts on bullying and why you feel it is important to join the fight to stop it.


  1. Dear Courtney,
    first I have to say I really love all of your tips, they are so fab, please don’t stop posting :)
    and I think your charity is awesome, too!
    as a teen, cyber bullying is all around, thank god I never was a victim of it!!
    you’re so right bullying ALWAYS hurts ! especially when you’ re young it’s extremely hard to ignore those nasty comments. When I see how those pathetic stupid people need to make fun of somebody else just to improve their own self-confidence it really makes me angry and so sad!
    I absolutely give you great credit that you started a charity to fight that horrible thing named bullying!! I think it can really destroy someone’s life!
    keep it going girl you truly rock!
    xoxo <3

  2. I just wanted to say that I love this charity. I was bullied for 10 years before I changed school and made a better life for myself. I’m just happy that social medias wasn’t as big then because at least I had a safe place away from school. I can’t even imagine what it would be like as a kid being bullied through social media. Never having a safe place and having your bullies always right in your footsteps. What you are doing is so important the biggest issue with bullying is pepole turning the other cheek. Like I said it happend to me and I can’t even count the number of times I was told by teachers, principals, adults in general that “just wait a day or two and see if they don’t stop”. They didn’t stop. I stopped asking for help and accepted my faith. It needs to be dragged out in the light so pepole can see all the ugliness, that’s the only way the victims will ever get help and realize it’s not them.
    I’ve written a shorter story on what happend to me and how I was helped by someone not just looking in an other direction. If it could help you in your work just send me an email and I can send it to you.
    You truly are an amazing person! And this charity truly touches my heart beacuse I know how many people it could help! We need to start loving instead of hating. We need to teach our children, our teenagers and ourselves to start encouraging one another instead of putting eachother and down.
    I know you probably get your fair share of nasty comments and remarks and just so you know. You are amazing, you have warm heart and a kind spirit. You are beautiful from the inside out and you truly deserve all the good things in life. L.O.L

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