My Favorite Holiday Cocktails!

I have tried a lot of fantastic recipes I have found over the years for holiday cocktails. Here are a few I wanted to share with you that you don’t want to miss making for your friends and family this holiday season. I have scoured popular food and wine websites to bring you the best of the best. I wish I would have been clever enough to think of all of these but you know what they say, why reinvent the wheel? Enjoy!


bd119_1106_sparking_vertFrom my favorite person on earth, Miss Martha Stewart. Try this Sparkling Pear and Cranberry Cocktail. This cocktail is not only gorgeous and looks so festive but it is to die for! The combined tastes are amazing and you and your guests will be sure to love it! Click here for the recipe.









mld105045_1209_champagne_hdNext up, again from Martha this Sorbet Champagne Cocktail is delicious and wildly simple to make! Click here for the recipe.













Next on the list from which is a great website if you haven’t yet be sure to check it out, Apple Brandy Cordials. These cocktails are exquisite and will look and taste like you slaved over them but are actually very easy to do! Click here for the recipe.










Last but not least, from my good friend Adrienne Maloofs’ Zing Vodka line. Try A Red Velvet Cocktail to add a little something sexy to your holidays! Click here for the recipe.


  1. Your favorite person Martha Steward who you think u can replace to funny coming from you but I find it funny how you slam people then use their name and fame for your benefit. At least your remembering to thank the places you good the recipes from now.

    • I think you must be mistaken. I look up to Martha Stewart, I always have and always will.

      • you said it was time for her to go and for you a more younger, sexier, hip version to take over!!!! You also called Miley Cyrus an attention seeker and then took it off your twitter then went and partied with her its hypercritical of you to talk about people then post things for your site later.

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