How To Flock Your Christmas Tree!

I LOVE the look of a flocked Christmas tree but it can be pricey having it done professionally. If you’re wanting to save that extra cash and spend it on presents then check out this easy recipe to flocking your own tree! You can choose to keep it white or maybe you want to get wild and do pink or even blue flocking!

Here’s the recipe, you will have to keep repeating until you have the desired amount for the size of your tree.

2 cups Ivory soap flakes: use a cheese grater on the soap bar to make the flakes.

2/3 cup starch

1/4 cup Elmers glue

1/4 cup warm water (it really needs to be warm)

In a large bowl using a mixer or hand mixer if you have one, if not you can do it with a spoon. Mix together all of the ingredients until it looks like frosting. Add in desired food coloring if you choose and mix well.

With a paint brush, brush evenly onto your tree. Best to do this in the garage or a space outside where the tree will have 3-4 days to dry before bringing it into the house. Enjoy!


  1. Hi I love the effect but where can you buy the ingredients from.

  2. Question how big of a tree does this recipe do, and how long does it take to paint the tree. Since you probably actual never did this because u never really do any of the cool projects that u rip off from other people wouldn’t it be easier and cheaper to buy the can flock and do it, at least they are more specific with size of tree and amount to use. Your stolen recipe could maybe do 2 or 3 branches may help to be more specific. I also know that u will not allow this post to stay because u want people to believe that everyone has a positive view of your site but I know that everything you put on here is from other people and magazines and web sites and u will never actual answer the important questions that people have you just pretend to. So tell me how many hours does it take to flock your own tree????

    • I multiply this recipe by 8-10 times for a large tree.

    • Christmas is the time of year where we recall our blessings with gratitude and our memories with fondness. It’s also a time to remember those who are struggling and to pay it forward in whatever way we are capable. After reading your post I’m filled with sadness over the anger that has seemed to take over your heart and I will pray that during this season especially your life may be filled with enriching blessings and that the peace of the Christmas season will warm your heart. Merry Christmas to all and a happy New Year!

  3. phatty patty says:

    oh hi….I have heard of stores but what is a grocery store? also if uncle ted gets real hammered will he die ( or just blow bubbles) if he chews on a tree limb after I make it OH SO FAB!!! toddles …….

  4. I am going to do this. One question first though – is the soap smell overwhelming once it has dried and been brought into the house? Thanks!

  5. Love the idea and want to try it, however I’m nervous about my ornament collection.
    Does the soap have any adverse effects to painted glass ornaments?

  6. Will this be similar to store bought flocked trees and can you do it on an artificial tree, and does it dry hard

    • Sorry for the late response. I wouldn’t recommend it on an artificial tree because once it’s on it won’t come off. Unless you want to commit to a flocked tree every year.

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