Spring Into Entertaining This Season With My DIY Serving Trays!

PC11I recently came across an amazing website Zazzle.com and I was so excited when I stumbled on a section where they sell replica vintage post cards at a very affordable $1 each! As I scrolled through page after page drooling over these gorgeous post cards from beautiful florals to cards from Paris and London. I was instantly inspired to find the perfect DIY project to utilize these mini works of art to help me entertain this Spring. I ordered about 30 different cards, because they sat $1 each I figured if I didn’t use them all on my projects I could always send them in the mail to my friends. Lets face it, everyone loves getting a cute postcard!


PC6The first idea that came to mind was to figure out a way to incorporate these stunning designs and artwork into serving trays. With the weather finally nice outside, Spring is one of my favorite times to entertain. That’s why I came up with this project. It’s a creative and idiot proof way to serve and wow your guests without breaking the bank! It’s super fun, easy to do and very affordable. Check out these simple step-by-step instructions to serve your guests cakes, cookies, tea, coffee, cheese, crackers and more in style this Spring! I also made a cute box for storing notes and miscellaneous papers on my desk. (available at Michael’s Arts & Crafts)PC5









PC13Here’s what you’ll need:

Post Cards available at Zazzle.com for $1 each

Tacky Spray Glue available at Michael’s Arts & Crafts

Spray Paint in a Gloss Finish available at Michael’s Arts & Crafts

Clear Gloss Spray Paint available at Michael’s Arts & Crafts

Unfinished Wood Trays available at Michael’s Arts & Crafts

Mod Podge & A Sponge available at Michael’s Arts & Crafts

PC141. Spray paint your trays your desired color. Let Dry.

2. Spray paint your trays with the Clear UV Gloss. Let Dry.

3. Using your Tacky Spray coat the back of each postcard and place on your trays. Since they’re all different shapes, you may have to overlap some cards as you see fit to fill the space.

4. Apply Mod Podge on top of the cards covering the entire tray using the sponge. Let dry. Repeat. The Mod Podge seals the trays making them waterproof. (after using be sure to hand wash, these cannot go in the dishwasher)

5. Let dry and enjoy!



Add Some Color To Your Room This Spring With Wrapping Paper.

G8895We are officially 3 days into Spring. It’s the time of the year to tidy up your home, get busy working on projects you’ve been putting off and breath some new fresh life into your home.









Today on How2Girl Radio on iHeartRadio, learn one of my favorite tricks to give your room the splash of color it needs using nothing but pretty wrapping paper!

My Top 15 Flower Tips For The Girl-On-The-Go This Spring.

peony-flower-arrangementSpring officially starts in 3 days! The weather is finally nice, Easter is around the corner and there are so many bridal showers, baby showers, luncheons because it’s finally sunny and nice out!  Not to mention the selections of flowers available this season is huge. Besides great food and company the one thing Spring entertaining has in common is beautiful flower arrangements whether in your home, as a gift or when entertaining, flowers are always the best accessory this season!

Everywhere I go I’m seeing gorgeous flowers in bloom so whether you’re cutting flowers straight from your backyard or heading to your local florist or flower mart, this Summer you have the chance to take advantage of all of the all of the occasions to incorporate flowers into your life and your budget.  Today I want to share my top 10 floral tricks and tips with you.






  1. Buy the freshest flowers available. Make sure you choose buds that are somewhere in between slightly closed and open. If you are ready to use them right away go for buds that are more opened. If you have a day or two before you use them opt for the more closed buds.
  2. If your flowers haven’t opened up enough when you’re ready to use them place them in warm water and warm air, this will help them open quickly.
  3. cut-stem-smallAs soon as you bring your flowers home be sure to keep them hydrated. Cut the stems diagonally cutting off about 2 inches. Add a capful of bleach, a TSP of sugar and a TSP of lemon juice to the cold water to make your flowers last longer and add your flowers. Leave in until you’re ready to work with them.DIY-flower-Arrangement
  4. If you’re using a clear vase make sure your stems look nice and clean. A fun tip is to add some petals, lemons, limes or even kumquats to the water giving your arrangement some extra color and beauty. Begin by binding your stems together like a bouquet then placing the flowers in the vase first and then add your fruit slices.
  5. Work in odd numbers. With any aspect of design, ascetically it always looks better when you use groupings in odd numbers
  6. Build a color scheme. The most beautiful arrangements generally don’t involve lots and lots of hues but they are also rarely just one color. If an arrangement is Pink for example there are most likely a few different shades of pink giving it depth and contrast. When in doubt if you choose different types of flowers but stick to the same shade your arrangement will look beautiful.
  7. If you’re not sure what flowers work together use one flower in a large quantity.images
  8. A fun way to add extra body and oomph to your arrangements is by taking a floral pick or even a chop stick and adding a piece of fruit to the end, then placing it in your arrangement just as you would a flower. Apples and Pomegranates are amazing for this. You can also hot glue on pretty glass ornaments or any object you think would add a little extra shine and sparkle.
  9. When using a medium or small vase try using floral foam. This will keep all of your flowers in place and help you fit as many flowers in your arrangement as possible without them falling out.
  10. Start with your biggest blooms in the center and build around them.
  11. To make an arrangement with a lot of depth use Thrillers, Fillers and Spillers. The thriller is the star. The filler takes up the space around the thriller and the spiller cascades over the edge of your arrangement making it look very organic and beautiful.DIY-hydrangea-flower-arrangement
  12. Adding a ribbon, taffeta or trim to your vase gives your arrangement a gorgeous finished look. Feel free to use your hot glue gun for this,
  13. Add 1 TSP of sugar for each cup of water to feed your flowers.
  14. Place a penny in your vase. This acts as a natural fungicide and will make your stems stand up straight.
  15. Don’t be afraid to use a lot of greenery in your arrangements. Using greenery or even less expensive flowers in your arrangement not only looks gorgeous but it also saves you a lot of money. If you use fillers right you can cut the price per arrangement in half!


I hope these tips and tricks will help you as much as they’ve helped me! Happy flower arranging!  Xo Courtney

Ditch The Expensive Hair Masks! Bring Back Beauty & Shine At Home.

healthy-shiny-hairOne of the best hair care lines on the market is Kerastase because of all the keratin protein in it. Today on How2Girl Radio only on iHeartRadio Learn how to make your own hair mask made out of proteins in products you’ll find in your kitchen to whip your hair back into shape making it silky and smooth without leaving the house! Click here to listen now.

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No More Photo Anxiety! It’s Time To Keep Photos and Videos Safe and Organized.

bevytopIf you’re like me just about every time you see something special whether it’s a precious moment with your family and friends to another outrageously funny scenario involving your dogs or cats, without a second thought you reach for your camera, phone or iPad to capture it. With so many smart phones and hand held devices on the market all featuring high quality built in cameras it’s never been easier to snap and save all of lives unforgettable moments.

gf1bevysmallOn a recent trip I took photos of this amazing restaurant I was in with friends, followed by taking about 50 group girl photos at sunset and then later, I captured a hysterical moment with my dog Leica in my pink eye mask while he was sleeping.

LeicaBevyOur lives are always on the go with a million little opportunities that we want to capture, save and share with everyone in our family. Whether you solely use your phone for pics or you’re like me and you rotate in-between your camera, iPad, iPhone, USB drives and memory sticks, you and I both know how easily photos get scattered and become impossible to find. It’s exhausting just thinking about it!

bevy3It’s time to make your life easier! Say hello to my new friend, Bevy. This revolutionary device has been a major game changer because it allows my entire family to not only have a safe place in our home (not somewhere up in the sky) to securely store photos from our phones, iPads, memory cards and usb drives but it also allows us to organize, tag, share and access our favorite memories amongst each other with our own personal storage and accounts with the click of a button! No more lost photos! Kiss your photo anxiety goodbye and say hello to Bevy.







  • Here’s how it works:
  • Bevy allows users to seamlessly collect and store all of their family photos across devices into one place. Bevy makes organizing photos easy by automatically tagging them by source, date and location using the Bevy App. You can also add your own tags, create collections and mark favorites.
  • Photos are then easily accessible on your TV at home, as well as on your mobile devices.
  • Bevy protects photos by storing them in one place inside your home and provides additional backup options for peace of mind (in the cloud or in your home).

Bevy will be available in the Fall, but if you order now through April 30th you will receive a $100 discount so instead of $349.00 you’ll pay $249.00! If you pre order you will receive a referral code. Every time the code is shared and used both you and the referee will receive and additional $25.00 discount! Click here to learn more about Bevy!

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