Today Is Call Your Doctor Day!

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 5.13.54 PMI am proud to celebrate #CallYourDoctor Day with @BeBrightPink. Join me by scheduling your annual Well-Woman Exam today. It matters!

Life’s busy. Trust us, we get it. But making time to see your doctor every year, evenwhen you feel healthy, is critical to maintaining your breast and ovarian health. That’s why we’re declaring today Call Your Doctor Day.

Today is about taking two minutes to pick up the phone and get your appointment on the books. And let’s be honest, we all have two minutes to spare.

The best part? Under the Affordable Care Act, the Well-Woman Exam is completely covered by insurance. So no more excuses! Join the party and schedule your annual exam today. It matters.


Summer Festival Fashion. Part 3.

Flowers3Who says flowers are only meant to have adored around your home, for gifts and for entertaining? I say it’s time to add a some extra oomph to any outfit at your favorite festival by turning your favorite flowers into floral jewelry. This is such a simple and oh so chic way to dress up any look in minutes without breaking the bank. All you need is your favorite color Orchid or any other flower that you can find multiple blooms per stem and some green or gold floral wire. (Available at Michaels Arts & Crafts) To make a necklace, cut your stem, cut two pieces of wire and carefully wrap the wire around both ends of your stems. Put the necklace on and secure in place by tying the wire into a loose knot. As for the ring, using a smaller stem of flowers, secure both sides with wire and weave in between 2-3 fingers depending on the size of the stem knotting or twisting the wire loosely to stay in place. I have to say, I would totally rock a floral necklace to a party, a luncheon or even a wedding. It’s literally the prettiest and least expensive piece of jewelry you’ll ever own!

Summer Festival Fashion. Part 2.

Flower3What festival is complete without a flower crown? At Coachella this year I saw crown after crown but the majority looked like they were straight out of The Tournament of The Kings at Medieval Times. You know, the place where you go for your birthday when you’re little, that or the Excalibur in Vegas. You know which ones I’m talking about. Think Maid Marian in the cartoon version of Robin Hood Who really want’s a crown made of tiny cheap silk roses and the long, long ribbon? While that look is cute if you’re 11 it just doesn’t do it for me when it comes to festival fashion. If you’re going to bother with a flower crown it better be real blooms! (It’s just what I believe in.) For my crown I chose large flowers like Peonies, Sunflowers and English Garden Roses to show you to be brave! Large crowns can most definitely be rocked. However, whatever flowers tickle your fancy will work perfectly. In my opinion there’s no particular flower that works best but if this is your first time it can be a little easier working with smaller and lighter blooms. Small or large flowers, your choice, it all depends on how big you want your crown to be. Start off by taking a piece of floral wire and forming it into a circular shape making sure it fits comfortably around your head leaving it a little extra room because it will get tighter once all of the flowers are on. Next, tape the ends of the circle shut using floral tape. (Available at Michaels Arts & Crafts) Now for the fun part. Add some pretty greenery to camouflage the fact that you have a giant wire covered in green tape around your head. To do this secure each stem of leafs to the circle using floral tape wrapping it 3 to 4 times making sure it’s secure. If you’re running short on time this entire project can also be done with a hot glue gun although if you are working with heavy blooms like Peonies you will most likely need wire as well.  Once you have your crown covered in greens it’s time to add your flowers. Cut the stems off of your flowers leaving about 2 inches and securely tape, wire or hot glue onto your crown rotating different shapes, sizes and colors as you go along. Tape normally does the trick but if you feel the flower is a bit heavy or isn’t staying in place bust your floral wire, and I promise you, it will not move! After you’ve finished adding your flowers try it on making sure it’s even, comfortable and most importantly looks fierce and wala! Watch out the flower child has arrived.

Summer Festival Fashion. Part 1.

flower1Bring out your inner Kendall Jenner Coachella hair vibes with this spin on Summers hottest hair look, buns. Dressing up the ever fashionable two bun look with your favorite flowers is as simple as grabbing a handful of flat head silver barrettes. Cut the stems off of your favorite flowers and hot glue them directly onto the barrett. Once you get your buns secure with bobby pins, fill in the crown of your head with your new creations and bamn! You now have the hottest hair for all the hottest festivals this summer!

*Photo credit Troy Jensen

My Top 3 How2Girl Summer Facials!

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 12.33.58 PMSummer’s here and it’s time to get your skin glowing with my favorite How2Girl facials you can do at home without breaking the bank. Watch them here!