You’re Going To Love This Interactive Art Made With Sequins!

I was lucky enough to meet the very talented and very beautiful Carrie Lee at her gallery in Venice Beach, Ca to check out her interactive one of a kind artwork. For more info on Carrie and her art download the StarShop App and although Carries’ pieces of art are unique and one of a kind, I think this video is great inspiration for a ton of projects you could make using double sided sequin fabric. Think about covering one wall in a room for example, how much fun would that be? An ever changing work of art!

My Top 5 How2Girl Summer Tips On The Boris and Nicole Show!

I was lucky enough to be a guest on FOX’s new smash hit The Boris and Nicole Show this week showing my Top 5 Summer DIY Fashion Ideas for the girl on the go and on a budget. Using pieces from Forever 21, Topshop, Target and all supplies courtesy of Michaels Art’s and Crafts I’m showing you how to dress up basic summer buys and turn them into world of art this season without breaking the bank! Check out the video here. My segment is 30 minutes in.

1. How 2 Turn Basic Dress Into A Runway Worthy 2 Piece Number. I have to admit reading the gossip mags can sometimes be my guilty pleasure, that and the Bachelorette. What can I say? Guilty as charged. Seriously though, everytime I open US Weekly Magazine every fashionista os rocking the two piece dress combo. Meaning it’s a dress in two pieces with a section of their hot abs showing. Bring out your inner fashionista by turning an ordinary, inexpensive dress from Forever 21 into a hot summer number. I started out by cutting the dress in half. Next using pink elastic I used it as a trim and sewed it around the bottom of the top and top of the skirt. Lastly I sewed beads onto the trim.

2. How 2 Transform Inexpensive Earrings Into Dolce & Gabanna Insprired works of art. Between Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid rocking theevery catwalk this season there was one element of the summer collections that really stood out to me, the accessories at Dolce & Gabanna. The earrings and the tiaras’s. I was dying. For the show I wanted to recreate the look for under $30. Using a needle and gold threat I started building the earrings with beautiful bronzed circular earring bases, adding a fish hook eating wire using gold thread. Next I added on a piece with pink tassels to the base. Next I beaded on pretty turquoise, red, purple and pink beads. For the tiara I used a bracelet that matched the bronzed earring bases, flattened it out a little and beaded it with the same beads as the earrings because I wanted them to match. This took about an hour combined cost about $50 all together. Why spend thousands and thousands when you can do it on your own?

3. How 2 Bling Out Your Summer Shoes. Why spend a fortune on shoes this season when you can buy beautiful, timeless pairs from TopShop and add little accessories like beads and charms to bling them out! Platforms are huge and there is a lot of great space on the shoe to dress them up so I added silver beads using a hot glue gun to add some extra oomph. Next, Birkenstocks have become the new hot thing now with starlets like Kate Hudson and Vanessa Hudgens. I found a pair of France Sliders- TopShop’s version of Birkenstocks but instead of being bulky they are chic, understated sandals giving me the look I’m craving without all of the making my feet look bigger than they already are. I dazzled them up with large crystal charms and beads in purple and copper tones. They turned out super cute and I gifted them to the show host Nicole because she loved them so much! Last but not least I brought out a pair of essential Espadrilles, and added some super cute daisy charms and pearls using a hot glue gun to the front of the shoes and to the ends of the laces. They turned out amazing, took 10 minutes to do and I feel like I’m in the 90′s again which I love!

4. How 2 Turn An Ordinary Beach Tote Into Every Girls Must Have Summer Accessory. Whether you’re at the beach, on a cruise, shopping or taking your kids to the pool for their swimming lesson, every woman needs an oversized tote to cram everything into to bring out your inner Mary Poppins. You never know what emergency is going to come up so every How2Girl needs to always be prepared! All three bags were from Target. For my first bag I added gold chains to my blue and white striped canvas bag with a needle and thread. Next I bought starfish and gold leafed them followed by adhering them to one of my gold chains with a hot glue gun. To finish up the nautical look I using my needle and thread I added on some large navy blue pearls. For my second bag, which Nicole loved so much she stole it and I ended up gifting it to her. I took a pink leather tote and blinged it out using nothing but a necklace and earrings. I bought a $10 beautiful necklace and 2 pairs of gorgeous crystal earrings at $6 a piece at Forever 21. Next I cut off the chain of my necklace and safety pinned it into place at the top center of my bag. Next I added on 3 pairs of earrings to the top center making sure everything was nice and even. Super simple, beyond beautiful and literally takes less than 5 minutes. Not only is this simple and gorgeous but you can switch it out whenever you want with other inexpensive pieces or old jewelry you have laying around that you want to repurpose. This is also a really cute idea to dress up a cute backpack! My third and final bag was a woven straw tote. This is such a classic and beautiful bag that I wanted to do something a little more elegant so using nothing but a needle and thread and pearls I covered the top of the bag. This one is a little more time consuming than the previous two taking about 2 hours but it really turned out beautiful and this is a great technique you can do with any kind of beads to any kind of bag.

5. How 2 Turn An Ordinary T-shirt Into The Perfect Summer Bag For Kids. Whether you have boys or girls, summer is full of every type of event. Between soccer game,  beach trips, amusement parks, sleep overs, you name it, if you have kids you know how busy their schedules are this time of year. I wanted to make a cute, super simple and fun bag you can make with your kids that they can personalize and use to shlep all of their belongings around this season for every activity they have planned. Using a plain tank top from Michaels I used some Rid fabric to make two really adorable totes for your kids to put all of their belongings in this season. I started out by tie-dyeing two shirts. One in pink and purple and one in blue and green. After I washed and dried the shirts I turned them inside out, folded them vertically and sewed the bottom shut with a light curve. Cut off the extra trim, flip it outside-in and if you want cover in patches, beads or rhinestones. This took less than an hour from start to finish and cost about $15 a bag including the dye and rhinestones.


Last but not least I can’t forget the fabulous gift bags that were given to 125 lucky audience members after the show comprised of everything you could ever need for the summer!


Michaels-Stores-Gift-Card-OnlineA $30 gift card to Michaels Art’s & Crafts for all of your summer DIY needs. Follow Michaels at @Michaelsstores on Twitter and @Michaelsstores on Instagram to get lots of fabulous ideas and inspiration this summer.

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Banish Spyder Veins!

LegsAfter meeting and interviewing one of LA’s top celebrity dermatologists to the stars, he spilled the beans on one of the best kept secrets in the industry to ridding those pesky varicose and spider veins the all natural way.





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Get Gwyneth Paltrow’s Secret Conditioner!

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Get My Favorite Decor Trick From London~

fresh-flowers-in-tea-cupsWhile in London with Nikki and my stepdaughter Frankie recently I was lucky enough to have high tea at the world acclaimed Dorchester Hotel. On todays show dress up your next tea with this beautiful tip. Click here to hear the show now!