Your New Phone Got Wet! Don’t Throw It Out Just Yet!

302835-apple-iphone-5-sprintThere is nothing worse than spilling a drink on your phone. Actually, I take that back. Dropping your phone in the toilet is by far the worst! This is a trick that a lot of you may already know or maybe you just think it’s a myth but trust me it really does work. Before you kiss your soaking wet phone goodbye try this fab trick that won’t cost you anything and will bring your phone with all of those important numbers and pictures back to life!

riceFirst take the battery out if your phone has one and dry it off. Next burry the phone and the battery in a zip lock bag of uncooked rice for 24 hours. The rice will draw the rest of the water out of the phone and it will be back in business again. Yay!

The Top 21 Tips To Eating Clean!

1398206494932Recently Dr. Oz had a special on his show with his 21 need to know tips to eating clean. I learned so much from them and I know you will too!

21 Rules For Eating Clean.

We are constantly hearing the term eating clean. It sounds healthy and nice but what does eating clean actually mean? Here are the top 21 tips to help you get on your way to a healthier more beautiful you!

1. Keep Your Food Real. What goes into your mouth has to be whole, unprocessed, nutrient-dense, properly sources and properly prepared foods. An apple is an apple. I looks like read food. Fill your cart with produce, some of it with the dirt still on.

2. Eat More Not Less. Skipping meals depresses your metabolism. Eating more frequently helps moderate blood sugar levels. The result is you tend not to binge or overeat.

3. Eat Like A Baby. Babies eat every two to three hours; you should too. This powers up your metabolism, keeps blood sugar levels in check and helps to prevent overeating..

4. Break The Fast. Never skip breakfast. This meal is an opportunity to nourish yourself properly after several hours of not eating and sets the metabolic machinery in motion for fat burning for the day to come.

5. Plan Your Meals. Think eating clean takes too much time? Planning your meals ahead of time and storing in the fridge allows you to grab meals on the go without all of the prep time everyday.

6. Smaller Portion, Smaller Pants. Too much of a good thing is still too much of a good thing. Use your hands as a guide to keep portions in check. A quick guide is one serving of lean protein= 4 ounces or the palm of your hand. One serving of complex carbs= one cupped hand. One serving fat= the size of your thumb.

7. Chew! Loads of us gobble, Hoover or inhale our food. Slow it down. Try chewing each mouthful 25 times.

8. Treats Are Not Cheats. Making eating clean your lifestyle is a powerful choice for better health. It’s not a prison sentence. Eat a treat now and then but reserve it for special occasions not everyday.

9. Give Yourself permission To Change. Look at that crappy unflattering photo of yourself and say, “OK, I ate myself overweight but those days are over!” Accept the truth and give yourself permission to make better food choices.

10. Can’t Read It? Don’t Eat It! If it’s got a label, chances are that food is processed and contains ingredients you can’t read or spell and look like they are from a chemistry experiment – leave it on the shelf.

11. Be Fooled and Good Sense is Overruled. Be on the high alert when a glitzy “food” label claims “sugar –free,” “new and improved,” “low-calorie” or “diet.” These words generally mean more hidden sugar and unwanted chemicals, thus more weight. Clean eaters are not so easily fooled! Reach for nutrient dense, properly prepared… well, you know the drill, see rule no. 1.

12. Carbohydrate Addiction. Yep! We may just be drunk on simple carbs. We may just be drunk on simple carbs. Stick to complex carbs uncluding vegetables, especially greens, fruits and whole grains like brown rice and quinoa.

13. On-The-Go Eating. This spells preparedness and helps you skip fast food oopsies. Pack a cooler with ½ baked sweet potato + 2 tablespoons salsa + 1 hardboiled egg or 1 apple + handful (12) raw unsalted almonds.

14. Get Moving! We are meant ti move. You can get clean but you still have to make yourself move. Aim to sweat for at least 30 minutes four to five days per week. Not only will your body improve but so will your mood!

15. Strike Sugar. It’s white, it’s powdery, gives you a high and you come back wanting more. You’re addicted. I’m not talking about drugs, I’m talking about sugar. You’re addicted and it’s everywhere! Removing this ingredient from your diet yields the most significant rewards and overall change.

16. Alcohol: The Other Legal Drug.  People are always surprised to learn that alcohol is also sugar. Alcohol addiction is similar to sugar addiction. Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum, especially if you are trying to quit. Save it for special occasion only.

17. LP+CC. Always pair lean protein with complex carbs and a bit of fat for best metabolic effect. Women tend to eat less protein than men, but it needs to appear at every meal.

18.  Fat Is Fantastic. Fat is not the anti-food. We need it to be optimally healthy and human, and in many traditional societies people ate predominantly fat and carbs. Don’t fear fat. Eat at least 3 tablespoons of good quality fats in the form of coconut oil. (Yes it is saturated but is excellent for health.)

19. Lean Greens. Eat more greens. My breakfast these days consists of 2 cups steamed mixed greens cooked in cocnut oil and topped with 2 sunny-side-up eggs.

20. Wetter Water. North america’s No. 1 nutritional deficiency is water- even though we seem to drink more of it, we are in fact dehydrated thanks to diuretic beverages including coffee, tea, soda, sports drinks and more. Here’s your Wetter Water Recipe Fic: Place the juice of ½ lemon and a pinch of unrefined sea salt into 8 ounces of water. Now you have an electrolyte-rich glass of water that will hydrate you properly.

21. Smart Salt. Use unrefined sea salt only. Regular table salt has been stripped of all that is good using chemicals and bleach. That’s just a scary thought. It even contains sugar. Unrefined sea salt contains 92 trace minerals and elements ideal for human health. Choose sea salt every time.

Fabulous Table Settings Made Simple.

51eXCEal73L._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_One of my favorite books is Simply Divine by the always gorgeous and chic Lisa Vanderpump. Between Lisa’s restaurants Sur and Villa Blanca, she undoubtedly is the hostess with the mostess. I wanted to share one of my favorite part of her book on table settings with you. Her simple yet effective tips have helped me a so much when entertaining and I know you will love them too!


Lisa says, “You don’t have to go to culinary school to master the art of arranging food on the plate so it’s a feast for the eyes as well as the mouth.”

Here are her top tips:

Use Large Plates. Larger plates are better for serving beautiful food. You don’t want your food to look crowded, the negative space around each item gives the entire place balance and energy.

Use White Dishes. This allows the food to stand out and make a statement. A neutral base also gives you the opportunity to pull a complementary color from your food into your table setting.

Use Color Groupings. Keep same-colored foods together.

Use Complimentary Colors As Garnishes. Try and contrast the color of your food with differently colored garnishes. If the food on your plate is mostly green, don’t add green parsley to the side. Instead find a red or hello, such as a teardrop tomato cut in half.

Use The Middle Of The Plate. Start in the middle of the plate to set out your meal rather than spreading everything all over the place.

Use Height. Try and raise the food in the middle of the plate. The starch is usually good for this. For example, scoop the rice into a tall mount with an ice cream scooper. Pile up the mashed potatoes and then lean your main meat against the mound to raise it up a bit.

Use Hot or Cold Dishes. Hot food stays longer on a warm plate. You can warm dishes in the oven or microwave provided they are safe for uses. Cold dishes can be stored in the fridge or freezer for a short time.

Use Edible Garnishes. Parsley and mint are perfect garnishes and should be kept on hand at all times. Sliced citrus fruit is also a great accompaniment for almost anything. Small cherry, grape or teardrop tomatoes are delightful. A bough of pine might look lovely on a table in December. Remember not to put anything on your guests plate that you don’t want them to eat.

Use Odd Numbers. For some odd reason, our eyes appreciate looking at items that aren’t counted evenly.

Use Sauces Sparingly. Rather than pooling sauce on a plate or covering your wonderful food with it, use just a hint on the plate and allow guests to help themselves to more in sauce bowls on the table. A single stripe of sauce on an empty part of the plate dripped off the end of a spoon is the safest bet. You can also get a plastic squeeze bottle to fill with sauce for more delicate lines, swirls or dots. Green pesto sauce is a lovely garnish on anything savory and chocolate sauce is amazing to keep on hand for anything sweet.

Use Deep Breathing. You needn’t stress yourself out about building the perfect plate. A simple, neat, organized plate with a single long sprig of cilantro or chive set across the top of everything is really all you need.

Easy Quick Fix For Your Panty Hose Nightmares!

WOlford Dandy TightsPanty Hose and Tights are a girls best friend. You and I both know how frustrating it is when you are in a hurry to get our the door, you go to each for your favorite panty hose and when you finally sift through your entire drawer and pull them out they have a run in them. Then you end up at work like Juila Roberts in the Pretty Woman elevator scene. “Oh look I’ve got a run in my panty hose, wait I’m not wearing panty hose.” If this sounds like any of your mornings I’ve got a super simple tip for you!






To store and organize your panty hose and tights just use your empty paper towel holders. This will heel them from getting runs while in your sock drawer. Just cut the paper towel rolls in half, gently place your hose inside of them and you can even write the description and color of the hose on the outside of the holder!

How 2 Store Your Bobby Pins and Tweezers.

photo 1I love using bobby pins for almost everything hair related whether it’s setting my curls hot off the iron or for making a quick up-do, I use them like crazy. When you buy them they come neatly packaged on a piece of cardboard, but if your like me after you use them they become a total disaster because I won’t take the time to clip all 50 of them back on their neat little cardboard. To avoid the mess and hassle here is a fantastic, easy and inexpensive way to keep your bobby pins nice and organized.

Buy a self adhesive magnetic strip, I bought a roll 30 inches long at Home Depot for $2. Cut it to the length of the inside of your vanity cabinet, remove the paper on the back of the strip and stick it on there. Now you have a great and convenient place to stick all of your bobby pins and tweezers without the headache of the clean up every time you do your hair.