My Top 15 Flower Tips For The Girl-On-The-Go This Summer.

peony-flower-arrangementSummer may be coming to an end but there is still an amazing selection of flowers available to you for the next few weeks. Besides great food and company the one thing Summer entertaining has in common is beautiful flower arrangements. Whether in your home, as a gift or when entertaining, flowers are always the best accessory this season!

Everywhere I go I’m seeing gorgeous flowers in bloom so whether you’re cutting flowers straight from your backyard or heading to your local florist or flower mart, this Summer you have the chance to take advantage of all of the all of the occasions to incorporate flowers into your life and your budget.  Today I want to share my top 10 floral tricks and tips with you.






  1. Buy the freshest flowers available. Make sure you choose buds that are somewhere in between slightly closed and open. If you are ready to use them right away go for buds that are more opened. If you have a day or two before you use them opt for the more closed buds.
  2. If your flowers haven’t opened up enough when you’re ready to use them place them in warm water and warm air, this will help them open quickly.
  3. cut-stem-smallAs soon as you bring your flowers home be sure to keep them hydrated. Cut the stems diagonally cutting off about 2 inches. Add a capful of bleach, a TSP of sugar and a TSP of lemon juice to the cold water to make your flowers last longer and add your flowers. Leave in until you’re ready to work with them.DIY-flower-Arrangement
  4. If you’re using a clear vase make sure your stems look nice and clean. A fun tip is to add some petals, lemons, limes or even kumquats to the water giving your arrangement some extra color and beauty. Begin by binding your stems together like a bouquet then placing the flowers in the vase first and then add your fruit slices.
  5. Work in odd numbers. With any aspect of design, ascetically it always looks better when you use groupings in odd numbers
  6. Build a color scheme. The most beautiful arrangements generally don’t involve lots and lots of hues but they are also rarely just one color. If an arrangement is Pink for example there are most likely a few different shades of pink giving it depth and contrast. When in doubt if you choose different types of flowers but stick to the same shade your arrangement will look beautiful.
  7. If you’re not sure what flowers work together use one flower in a large quantity.images
  8. A fun way to add extra body and oomph to your arrangements is by taking a floral pick or even a chop stick and adding a piece of fruit to the end, then placing it in your arrangement just as you would a flower. Apples and Pomegranates are amazing for this. You can also hot glue on pretty glass ornaments or any object you think would add a little extra shine and sparkle.
  9. When using a medium or small vase try using floral foam. This will keep all of your flowers in place and help you fit as many flowers in your arrangement as possible without them falling out.
  10. Start with your biggest blooms in the center and build around them.
  11. To make an arrangement with a lot of depth use Thrillers, Fillers and Spillers. The thriller is the star. The filler takes up the space around the thriller and the spiller cascades over the edge of your arrangement making it look very organic and beautiful.DIY-hydrangea-flower-arrangement
  12. Adding a ribbon, taffeta or trim to your vase gives your arrangement a gorgeous finished look. Feel free to use your hot glue gun for this.
  13. Add 1 TSP of sugar for each cup of water to feed your flowers.
  14. Place a penny in your vase. This acts as a natural fungicide and will make your stems stand up straight.
  15. Don’t be afraid to use a lot of greenery in your arrangements. Using greenery or even less expensive flowers in your arrangement not only looks gorgeous but it also saves you a lot of money. If you use fillers right you can cut the price per arrangement in half!


I hope these tips and tricks will help you as much as they’ve helped me! Happy flower arranging!  Xo Courtney

How 2 Make Dry Shampoo At Home!

rosie-huntington-whiteley-cup-size_fvurWhether you’re on the run, traveling or you’re just running short on time, dry shampoo is every girls best friend and my personal life saver especially when I’m on the road with my husband while he’s touring. On today’s show learn my secret for making your own magic formula to keep your hair looking just washed without the hefty price tag.





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My Top 5 Uses For Eucalyptus Oil From Down Under.

64c836f79b0787bdf9c7746fcd2d9247I recently got back from Australia where Nikki and I had one of the most amazing days ever at Sydney’s Featherdale Animal Reserve. We ditched the main zoo and drove about 30 minutes outside the city to meet the most beautiful animals down under. We got to hold a baby kangaroo and play with baby Koalas! I have been wanting to meet a Koala my entire life so this was really a dream come true. I couldn’t get over these Koala’s all they do all day is eat eucylyptus and get sleepy, relaxed and pass out. It was quite a site to see! This wasn’t surprising considering euclyptus is extremely calming but no joke, they sleep for about 16 hours a day and the Australian Aborigines  use eucalyptus leaf infusions (which contain eucalyptus oil) as a traditional way to treat body pains, congestion, fever and colds. Today Euclyptus oil serves so many purposes, some of which may surprise you. 



  1. Feeling down? Having a long hard day? Eucalyptus has a predominately stimulating effect on the nervous system and therefore should assist those suffering from depression, stress, and lethargy. Associated with the moon and feminine energy, eucalyptus is both cool and moist by nature. The psychological properties of eucalyptus oils are closely related to the action of the lungs, which are associated with grief and depression. The aroma of eucalyptus helps to dispel melancholy while lifting the spirits and restoring vitality, harmony, and balance.


2. If you’re strained, tense, or frazzled, try creating an aroma mist spray with balancing oils. Add twenty drops of eucalyptus into one ounce of distilled water in a spray bottle. Mist yourself when feeling stressed. This will turn that from upside down immediately! Sometimes no matter how hard you try to be positive you can’t help coming across people with negative energy and it’s hard to shake it off ad not let it effect you. Well I bet you didn’t know that Eucalyptus is also an extremely powerful energy healer. It’s a wonderful way to cleanse any time or space where conflict or negative energies have collected. So next time you need to rid yourself of unnecessary drama and bad mojo put some euyclyptus oil onto your neck and wrists or in a defuser with water and plug into fresher, more soothing and healthier energy while you let any negative vibes disapate bringing out a more positive and happier you.

3. With the weather so hot and dry outside even the healthiest scalps can tend to get a bit dry. If you’re having a struggle with dandruff flakes rid the problem with eucalyptus oils. All you need to do is put several drops of oil into your shampoo and massage it into your hair.

4. My new favorite oil can also save you some bucks and keep you and your family away from harsh chemicals as it works wonders when washing counter tops, floors and even as a dish detergent. The combination of this oil and water can also remove sticker residue from glass surfaces as well as get out paint, ink, and grease stains on clothes can be removed easily with this oil.

5. Last but not least. Eucalyptus is amazing for your skin! I know you didn’t think I would leave out a killer beauty mask! If you’re looking for a hydrating, soothing and exfoliating mask to revive your complexion this season then look no further because boy oh boy have I got a mask that’s going to blow your mind! Just mix up 2 tbsp brown sugar, 2 tbsp sesame oil and 15 drops of eucalyptus oil in a bowl and refrigerate. You will have enough to use this mask a few times throughout the week. Apply to freshly washed skin and leave on for 20 minutes using a hot washcloth to remove. Here’s why it works, the brown sugar deeply exfoliates, cleanses tightens pores and improves your skins texture while the sesame oil allows the scrub to glide on smoothly and adds hydration an of course we can’t forget the Eucalyptus oil, it acts as a natural antiseptic and oxygenates the skin leaving it hydrated, squeaky clean, smooth and glowy!


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Get Sports Illustrated Super Model Beach Hair DIY Style!

X158020_TK3_3901Looking for a quick way to sexify your tresses this summer? Bring out your inner Sports Illustrated beach bombshell with this quick, simple and fabulous recipe for your very own beach spray you can make at home without breaking the bank.


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Transform Your Favorite Lipstick, Stain or Gloss Into A Perfect Matte Pout Instantly.

img-thingEvery woman including myself has a favorite lipstick color, maybe even two or three. Whether it’s a lip stain, gloss or lipstick once you find the shade that’s perfect for you it’s a crime to stray from it. Matte lips have been all over the red carpets and the catwalks this summer and is also a great look for fall as well. Today I’m going to show you and easy trick how to transform any lip product you already have into a matte finish without having to spend any money at the makeup counter or even leave your house!





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