Mermaid Crowns Part 1. Aphrodite!

screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-11-25-05-amBring out your inner sea goddess this Halloween with my Aphrodite Mermaid Crown. Click here to read the full article and how-to on now.

Flower Power. Love This Interview on How2Girl! Check it out.











My Sixx Tips 2 Turn Any Room Into A Sexy Lair! Featured on Fox News Magazine!













I had a blast bringing out my fun sexy side for this Fox News Magazine feature. You’re not going to want to miss my favorite tips to give your room a sexy facelift in no time and without breaking the bank! Click here to check it out! 









Summer Fashion Flowers. Part 5.

flowers5Feeling exceptionally daring? I created this floral fascinator for my trip to the 142nd   Kentucky Derby this year which was obviously the perfect occasion for it. If you’re brave and really want to turn heads at festivals this year this could be the perfect fit for you! It sounds a little complicated but just bare with me. Start out with a thick headband. (The kind you wore when you were little.) Next using floral chicken wire mesh (Available at Michaels Arts & Crafts) wrap the top of your headband in wire almost making a giant bow. This is what you will be adhering your flowers to so make it as wide and as tall as you want. Next pop off the stems of your favorite silk flowers.  (Also available at Michaels.) Hot glue onto the wire mesh and play around with different shapes, sizes and colors until you have all of your mesh covered and have the exact shape you like. Cover the sides of the headband in small flowers. Try it on to make sure it’s comfortable and secure and get ready to turn your next music festival into your very own catwalk. Just try not to whip anyone in the face with your fabulous floral fascinator while you’re rocking out. This is also a fun look for a tea party or a luncheon requiring hats.

Summer Fashion Flowers. Part 4.

Looking for a splash of flowers without making an entire crown?  Maybe a crown feels a little too hippie or whimsical to you, or maybe it just seems like too much work. Dry those tears girl because I have THE PERFECT solution for you! To get a killer pop of flower power in less than 5 minutes all you need is a tiara, a handful of flowers and a hot glue gun. I found my tiara at Michaels Arts & Crafts for $3. Smaller blooms like yellow Daisies are ideal for this look because the type of tiara that works best is a small one. We’re talking 7 years old birthday tiara not Miss USA tiara.  For this project you can use floral wire if you want but honestly, I prefer the glue gun. It’s just so much faster but once again it’s totally up to you. Grab a handful of flowers, cut the stems off all the way to the very base and hot glue or wire onto the tiara. I have say this is my all time favorite piece of floral fashion because it is so quick, super simple and compliments any outfit with the perfect pop of color and fun!Flower4