Spray Tan Like a Pro at Home!

Spray_TanningIt’s Summer and all I want to do is layout, go to the beach and wear cute dresses and shorts! It’s never fun running around in a swimsuit during this warm weather when you are feeling pale and pasty. To learn How to Spray Tan Like A Pro without that crazy salon price tag watch this fun video tutorial I put together for my friends at ModaMob.com


Click here to watch the video!

DIY Lip Balm for Kissable Lips This Summer.

Perfect-lipsThe best lips are full, soft and naturally rosy. When my lips are dry I put on some Vaseline with a little brown sugar and gently brush them with a toothbrush removing all of the dead skin. This also plumps up collagen giving you a fuller pout. After they are nice and smooth I love using this DIY Lip Balm from skin care expert Cornelia Zicu to keep them velvety soft and smooth.

HoneyMix 3 tsp Vaseline

1 tsp Honey

Dash of Cinnamon.

Store in an empty lip-balm container and massage it on at night. Leave it on for 30 minutes before wiping it off. Your lips will be extra silky, kissable and pouty!

My Summer Tour Looks From Forever 21.

photo 4My motto here at How2Girl is that you don’t have to spend a lot to get great looks. Before I hit the road this Summer with my husbands band Motley Crue I hit up my favorite store Forever 21 to get some great looks for the road that I could mix and match and that were not going to cost a fortune. I will never understand how anyone can go into a department store and spend $100 on denim shorts and $50 on a tank top. To each their own but that’s just a little crazy to me!  I had a lot of fun on my recent shopping spree at my local Forever 21 and I wanted to share a few of the fun looks I found with you. Each look from head to toe well under $50.



My first look for the Fourth of July consisted of a few key pieces. Click on any of these to take you to the Forever 21 website where you can purchase these fab items! A Red Sweet Lace Top, a Polka Dot Skater Skirt, a Darling Bow Crop Top and a Pearl Necklace.









My next look on the road consisted of Destroyed Denim Shorts, a Green Tank Top, a Denim Shirt and Aviator SunglassesForever21Greentop


Last but not least, every girl needs a great pair of cut offs! You can never go wrong with the perfect Denim Shorts throughout the whole Summer. I’ve been wearing these almost everyday since I bought them. I dressed them up with Knotted Floral Crop Top,  Leaf Drop Earrings and Gold Bangles.FloralForever21














For more of my shopping spree click here to check out this fun article on the Daily Mail.


Festive Ice Cream Sandwiches for the 4th!

Last minute tip for the 4th tomorrow! Ice cream sticks with an extra patriotic touch!

Just take ice cream sandwiches, cut them in half and put a popsicle stick in the center. Next sprinkle on white and red sprinkles over the sides and then place the sandwich in a baking cup to serve. Easy and fun! Enjoy!


Make a 4th of July Flower Arrangement Using a Coffee Tin!

The 4th of July is right around the corner! Literally, it’s tomorrow, can you believe it?

If you’re looking for a last minute decorating idea then you’ll love my festive coffee can vase! This is a fun and inexpensive idea that takes under 10 minutes to make and is adorable and easy to do!  I took a coffee tin and turned it into a festive flower holder that is sure to add an extra touch to your holiday! Here’s what you do.


1. Take an empty coffee tin and remove any labels.







2. Using a hot glue gun I took a flag that cost $1.49 and wrapped my tin with it. This tin needed 2 flags to cover the whole thing so I folded the excess of a second flag and glued it to cover the entire tin.



3. I cut 2 pieces of floral foam to fit inside the tin, soaked them in water and then stacked them on top of each other.





4. Using 12 stems of Hydrangea’s I cut them and placed them in my floral foam starting   from the outside working my way in, filling all the space and making them a little longer towards the middle of the arrangement. (You can use whatever flower you want.)

Super easy and quick to do. It’s a fun activity to do with your kids and it looks cute on any table top this holiday!